Interpreti e Traduttori
di Lisa Nitti


We'll be happy to answer all your enquries. When asking for a quote, please specify:


  • Languages (floor and translation)
  • Date(s) and site of the conference or meeting, hours
  • Number of participants
  • Interpreting service required (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, remote)
  • Type of meeting (onsite, hybrid, online)
  • Title of conference, purpose of meeting; your industry or sector
  • Conference equipment needed or to be used
  • For online meetings: any existing or preferred videoconference platform
  • Translation recording needs
  • Send the text to be translated via e-mail. If this is not possible, please specify type of text, number of words, format (MSWord, PDF, Excel, Power Point, other).
  • Specify source language and target language of the translation and language variant (e.g. British/American English) and/or the country/target market of the translation
  • Please inform us of any specific delivery requirements
  • Please inform us about the purpose of the text and the intended readers

Please do not forget to include your company details in your email.