Interpreti e Traduttori
di Lisa Nitti


Simultaneous interpreting is delivered from a soundproof booth as the speaker gives his or her speech. It is performed by a team of at least two interpreters taking turns of 20-30 minutes. This is the mode of interpretation commonly used in all large multilingual conferences and has the advantage of not lengthening the duration of the event. Simultaneous interpreting is often the ideal solution also for smaller meetings as it allows for immediate reactions and encourages a more spontaneous debate.

Examples from our experience

  • Institutional interpreting (legal, economic, political, social policies)
  • Medical interpreting for doctors and nurses, teleconferences of surgical procedures
  • Financial interpreting, presentations of investment funds
  • Marketing meetings, corporate events and conventions
  • Presentations of new products and technologies
  • Board of Directors meetings
  • European Works Councils
  • Cinema, home entertainment and television production events
  • Training sessions, courses, seminars
  • Press conferences
  • Live webcasts
  • Market research focus groups
We are a team of simultaneous interpreters with at least ten years of professional experience, members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and other professional associations of interpreters. We work in our respective areas of expertise and constantly keep up to date with the latest knowledge and developments.

Our clients appreciate the efficiency, professionalism and dedication that we put into every aspect of our work. In a nutshell, they value our work because ...

  • we provide clear and detailed cost estimates for simultaneous translation and other services and we guarantee they will be honoured
  • we tackle the topics under discussion with interest and curiosity
  • we prepare on the terminology of the conference accurately and systematically
  • we recruit simultaneous interpreter teams on the basis of expertise and team synergies
  • we are punctual, discreet, helpful
  • we make sure that clients' documents and information are kept confidential
  • our simultaneous translation is valued highly for its accuracy, language choice and effective style of communication
  • we work with skilled and reliable simultaneous interpreting equipment providers
  • we can assist in recruiting simultaneous interpreters all over the world
  • we provide a comprehensive service, from consultancy to interpreter team coordination.

Organising a meeting with simultaneous interpretation requires accurate planning. We have prepared a quick guide for speakers and conference organisers using simultaneous interpretation and remote simultaneous interpretation.

Download our Quick guide on the use of simultaneous interpretation and RSI.

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