Interpreti e Traduttori
di Lisa Nitti


Tailor-made SI equipment solutions to meet all your conferencing needs.

Thanks to a consolidated partnership with reliable providers of conference equipment, we can assist you with renting:

  • IR (infrared) simultaneous interpreting equipment (ISO certified interpretation booths, headsets, microphones, etc.), with sets of receivers and headsets starting from 50 pcs (50, 100, 150, etc), ideal for meetings from 50 to 500 participants and above,
  • “Light” IR simultaneous interpreting equipment (without interpreting booths), for meetings with fewer than 50 participants,
  • as well as any other conference equipment.

Moreover, we offer:

  • Our wireless (tour guide, “bidule”) simultaneous translation system for small groups. Light, practical, and reliable, it has proven to be an effective alternative to booths for many small meetings.
  • BYOD (bring your own device) solutions for large events with over 1000 people, where participants can listen to the translation on their mobile phones.
  • Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) solutions for hybrid events, virtual meetings, and online conferences, with interpreters working from a hub or from their own studios.