Interpreti e Traduttori
di Lisa Nitti


We have acquired significant experience in legal and deposition interpreting, especially from/to Italian and English. We work for Italian and American law firms and deposition service providers at:

  • Legal depositions (EBTs) of Italian witnesses’ testimony in US legal proceedings
  • Civil and criminal proceedings against individuals and legal persons in Italy and Switzerland
  • Class actions (civil)
  • Court hearings
We provide legal (consecutive) interpreting in several areas of civil and criminal law, and especially in:
  • Business litigation
  • Intellectual property, industrial property, trademarks, patents
  • Unfair trade practices, unfair competition, misleading advertising
  • International arbitration, out-of-court-settlement
  • Personal injury and liability, product liability, professional liability
  • Aviation litigation
  • Fraud, corruption
We have also provided simultaneous interpreting at international conferences for lawyers, judges and jurists, organized by international institutions, on topics such as:
  • Intellectual Property, trademarks and patents (WIPO)
  • Anti-fraud investigations in Europe and the protection of the EU financial interests (OLAF, UAE)
  • Cybercrime (IISFA, Italian Chapter)

We offer legal interpreting services throughout Italy, and in particular in Milan and Rome.

Remote interpretation of legal depositions
After the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, several institutions, including courts, have started using distance interpreting. Many video depositions of Italian witnesses have been replaced by remote depositions on Zoom or other platforms.

Lisa and her team have been providing interpreting from and into English and Italian at legal depositions for over 20 years. They are also conference interpreters, providing simultaneous interpretation in remote mode as well. So, you can rest assured that they have the professional experience that is needed to offer high-quality deposition interpreting, as well as being familiar with the all the technical aspects of remote interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting at legal depositions
The mode of interpretation usually chosen at depositions is consecutive interpretation. In addition to an excellent command of the source and target languages, deposition interpreters must have an effective note-taking technique. Since even a small subtlety may be important, deposition interpreters carefully choose each single word and strive to ensure the highest possible level of accuracy and completeness. They must also become familiar with the facts of the case (preparation work often takes more hours/days than the assignment itself). In everything they say, as well as in their tone of voice and in their conduct, deposition interpreters, like all legal interpreters, must always remain neutral and impartial. Confidentiality is especially important, and before each assignment the interpreter signs a Non-Disclosure agreement.