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What is remote simultaneous interpreting?
Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) or Distance Simultaneous Interpreting is a technology-based system whereby simultaneous interpreters operate from a distant site (a separate room in the conference venue, a “hub” in another location, or interpreters’ own studios).

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting from a hub
In a hub, interpreters work in ISO-compliant interpretation booths and can benefit from the support of a technician. They work as a team, in conditions that are more similar to the traditional in-person setting. However, owing to COVID-19 safety measures, interpreters are now working in single adjacent booths, rather sitting side by side in the same booth.

We'll be happy to assist you in selecting RSI hubs in Milan and other cities in Italy and in Europe, in Berlin as well as in Madrid, and we'll be at your disposal for any additional support in organizing the event.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting from home studios
Interpreters working from a home studio must be familiar with RSI technology and have the necessary equipment to ensure high-quality standards, in addition to being experienced professionals. This mode of interpreting should always be performed by a team of at least two interpreters, taking turns from their respective remote locations or co-located in one and the same home studio.

We have fast internet connection, dedicated RSI equipment and experience in remote simultaneous interpreting both on RSI delivery platforms and Zoom (with the Language Interpretation function).

Virtual meetings with translation on Zoom, YouTube, FB
By using various combinations of tools and technologies, it is possible to provide simultaneous interpretation of digital events held on any video conferencing platform (Zoom, MS Teams, GoToMeeting, Google Meet, Skype, BlueJeans, BigBlueButton, Cisco WebEx, Blackboard Collaborate or others) as well as live streamed on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.

In short, we can offer remote simultaneous interpreting:

  • from hubs, with booths and technical support (no limitations)
  • on RSI delivery platforms (shorter events, also multi-language, from and into all languages)
  • using your current videoconference platforms (from hubs or home studios)
  • of events streamed live on YouTube, Facebook, etc. (only one-way, also multi-language translation).

In addition to working with you as interpreters, we shall assist you in choosing the best technical solution to meet your needs without compromising quality.

How long should a virtual meeting with simultaneous interpretation last?
International organizations recommend sessions up to 3 hours and a half per day, or two sessions of 2 hours and 30 minutes with a 90-minute break. For a full-day meeting a hub solution is preferable.

Remote interpreting implies higher cognitive load than face-to-face interpreting.

We work in accordance with AIIC Guidelines for distance interpreting and AIIC best practices for interpreters during the Covid-19 crisis to make sure we can offer the highest standards of service.

Examples from our experience

  • Remote simultaneous interpreting of corporate meetings
  • Multi-language remote simultaneous interpreting of classes, courses, training events, webinars, etc.
  • Remote simultaneous interpreting of medical meetings
  • Remote simultaneous interpreting of patient summits
  • Remote interpreting of board of directors meetings

In addition to RSI we also provide remote consecutive interpreting, for example of legal depositions.

Organising a meeting with remote simultaneous interpretation requires accurate planning. We have prepared a quick guide for speakers and conference organisers using simultaneous interpretation and remote simultaneous interpretation.

Download our Quick guide on the use of simultaneous interpretation and RSI.

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