Interpreti e Traduttori
di Lisa Nitti


Consecutive Interpreting
A consecutive interpreter takes notes during the speaker's speech (for example in English) and subsequently delivers interpretation in the desired language (for example in Italian). The speaker pauses to allow the interpreter to interpret. No technical equipment is required. Unlike simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting almost doubles the length of the conference (or the presentations for which it is provided). It can be used at international conferences for presentations of single speakers, often in combination with whispered interpreting, as well as on other occasions.

Examples from our experience

  • Bilateral meetings of national and international institutions
  • Contributions of single speakers at international conferences
  • Board of Directors meetings
  • Top managers' meetings
  • Legal and financial due diligence audits
  • Technical audits, WCM and WCE audits
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) inspections for the pharmaceutical industry
  • JCI accreditation inspections in clinics and hospitals
  • Meetings and interviews with hospital mangers, doctors, nurses and patients
  • Public debates (Salone del Mobile, Venice Art Exhibition, music events)
  • Commemorative speeches, official ceremonies, receptions, gala dinners
  • Book launches, film festivals and exhibitions
  • Media interviews (eg writers, actors, animation artists, TV personalities, economists, doctors, etc.)
  • Videotaped depositions, video depositions
  • Signing of notary deeds
Remote consecutive interpreting
Consecutive interpreting can also be provided remotely, using videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Meetings, Skype and so on.

Whispered interpreting is simultaneous interpreting whispered into the ears of one or two participants without any equipment. It conveys the main concepts of the original speech. If the listeners wish to ask questions or make remarks, the interpreter will provide consecutive interpreting.
If there are more than two participants who need translation, but not enough to justify the cost of a full simultaneous interpreting system with booths, we can recommend tailor-made, cost-effective solutions.

Examples from our experience

  • Corporate meetings (fashion, cosmetics, food industry, IT)
  • Training events, technical trainings, refresher courses, occupational safety and HSE trainings
  • Patient advocacy meetings, medical meetings
  • Focus group meetings (consumer goods, automotive industry)
  • Public debates and round tables (art, photography, design, environment, health, food and cookery)

Liaison interpreting
Liaison interpreting (also known as ad hoc interpreting or B2B interpreting) is used to facilitate (generally bilingual) communication between two parties. The sections of speech to be interpreted are shorter than in consecutive interpreting and the interpreter takes only a few notes. Business and technical negotiations are typical examples of liaison interpreting.

However, even on a company tour or factory visit, the interpreter is often asked to translate slide presentations and complex speeches, in which the techniques of consecutive and whispered interpreting are especially useful. So, for this type of meetings as well, it is often preferable to hire highly qualified, university-trained interpreters, with experience in technical meetings.

Drawing on our longstanding interpreting experience, we provide liaison interpreting services from and into Italian, English, Russian and other languages at business negotiations, factory visits and guided tours, also using our wireless radiofrequency translation system (“tour guide”, “bidule”).

Consecutive interpretation, with its peculiar note-taking technique, often arouses amazement and admiration. More than once, I’ve been asked: I wonder how you can translate such long chunks of speeches so accurately!?