Interpreti e Traduttori
di Lisa Nitti


Analysis of the event, choice of service and estimate
We are always glad to provide free advice on the most appropriate type of interpreting service. Once the client's requirements have been identified, we prepare an estimate and select the most suitable professional linguists for the task. A consultant interpreter is also appointed for each job. The estimate serves as a letter of appointment that we'll ask you to sign to indicate acceptance. It states all necessary information needed to identify the job and the terms agreed: the daily rate, the number of interpreters required, any refund of expenses, cancellation terms, terms of payment, etc.

Selection of the interpreters team
In deciding the composition of the interpreters booths or teams, the ability of members to work as a team is taken into consideration, in addition to their ability and experience. As for their professional characteristics, all conference interpreters working with us have trained at the best Italian or foreign interpreters schools, have had at least ten years professional experience and belong to national or international interpreters associations. Moreover, the interpreters undertake to prepare thoroughly on the topic of the conference and on all documentation supplied in advance by the client.

Confirmation of assignment, preparation
As soon as the offer is approved, confirmation of the assignment is sent in writing to the interpreters selected. The consultant interpreter will take care of obtaining the documentation required for preparation. The interpreters read up on the subjects of the meeting, research terminology and compile special glossaries to prepare for the job. All documentation that can be gathered on the event (program, list of participants, reports, presentations, abstracts, corporate material, brochures, etc.) should be sent well in advance, to allow the interpreters to carry out adequate preparation work. It is advisable to contact interpreters suitably in advance to facilitate planning and coordination.

During the assignment the interpreters are coordinated by a team leader. The service is provided with punctuality, kindness and professionalism, and in accordance with the general and special terms and conditions established in the agreement. To maximise the effectiveness of communication and facilitate translation, some rules need to be followed during the event, for example in relation to the correct use of the microphone, equipment and video material, the positioning of booths, etc.

Updating glossaries
After the assignment interpreters update their glossaries to reflect what they have learnt. This allows for greater accuracy and consistency of terminology at future events for the same client.

Communication and feedback
Having a direct contact with the interpreters, coordinated by a consultant interpreter, makes communication faster and easier. With a view to constant improvement, we ask clients to provide us with feedback concerning every aspect of quality of service.


We understand that confidentiality is a must for many companies, and we are committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of our clients' data.

We work in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR - EU Regulation 2016/679) and take all the necessary measures to keep clients' personal data and confidential documents safe and secure.

We comply with high standards of professional ethics. All the interpreters who collaborate with the studio observe the AIIC Code of Professional ethics.


Text analysis, estimate
When preparing an estimate, the text for translation is analysed on the basis of several parameters, such as sector (medical, financial, etc.), complexity (recipient, technical content), length and turnaround time. The availability of translators is checked and the estimate is sent, stating the name and form of the document for translation and the terms agreed. The estimate also serves as a letter of appointment that the client confirms to indicate acceptance. Our rates are per word of source text. We can manage files in MS Word, Excel, Power Point and pdf formats and photocopies.

Once the estimate has been approved, the text is assigned to a translator who has been selected from among adequately qualified freelance translators. If, for reasons of urgency, the work needs to be split between several translators, the job is assigned to a team, coordinated by a project leader. To ensure better planning and faster turnaround, it is advisable to contact the office sufficiently in advance.

Translation, research into terminology
During the course of their work translators consult a large number of dictionaries and on-line resources and the glossaries they have compiled over the years on the basis of previous work. In order to acquire the lexicon and phraseology typical of the target language, translators use original texts on the subject and study the clients communication (documents, web sites) to adapt to its terminology. If necessary, they consult other colleagues, experts in the sectors or contact the office to request help. Translators are encouraged to draw attention to any difficulty or uncertainty. Since the client is often the best expert in the subject matter of the translation, we do not hesitate to ask them, if the text is not sufficiently clear in spite of our research. The exchange of information and consultation with the client is of fundamental importance to us.

Editing and proofreading
Each translation is carefully checked (spelling, grammar, syntax, terminology, completeness, interpretation of the original text, consistency with previous translations, instructions from the client).Large translation projects that need to be split between several translators undergo an additional check to ensure consistency of terminology and style.

Translations are delivered by e-mail or courier (translations on CDs, sworn translations). The invoice is sent or the final order value is notified on delivery.

Communication and feedback
We ask clients to provide us with feedback on translations and on all aspects of service. Our thanks to clients who have rewarded our efforts with sincere expressions of appreciation and who have helped us better understand and meet their requirements and those of the market.